The revamping of Glasgow Freedom Square

Ive been sitting or passing through George Square everyday this week, And I am thinking again something is missing from here, The suns out its busy why does it looks so dull  & boring.? Ok we have our old statues but they are seriously in need of a mix of the contemporary, bright and quirky kind.  Though most of all our square needs a mirror,  as I have voiced before. It needs a mirrored sculpture right in the middle large and reflective catching the rays of sunshine and sprouting out fountains of running water, Are we the city known for culture and its pride in the arts?? This is our town square , well its dull and dreary and needs a facelift. I know i have made this point before when I had a great project design at hand. But I am making it again, I had to leave and go sit on G.O.M.A steps instead, i feel so strongly about this, Actually the walk up to Buchanan street Galleries has a better view with their reflective shop windows.etc.I believe this to be a serious matter that the lottery could fund obviously permission .at present its a thought only,, but it could become a reality ,who need Barcalona with a George Square Revamp. A mix of old a new culture . so din’a panic i’m not saying put the old gents in the skip03e7f8f317b8b53c9388be74b9f608f1 4d7f406b119b22ddc4c3edf267b1dc5f 6e634643558b75631951e4f640d519a4 08c3947e1e74549fc83981ce0ded7abb 8e10847494bec52fea03da8373fcc39d 8f271112993a409bd59cab54d77eea35 015b38680252f10b35d0123b4986cc41 76e6a28f093fd0e220052be9e2137d37 85c5894cc4d92b4ae4f81cb84d40f1cb not at all. Its all about recycling them (joking) but surely someone out there agrees with me a bit of grass and a lick of paint just wont do.
Zandra B Holt’s photo.